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Third Grade: Fractions Word Problems

In this post, you will find a series of lessons on how to draw models for third-grade fractions word problems. Comment on this post with any questions or feedback. I’m getting a new mic, so I apologize for any fuzz. Sound level is fine.


Parent University: Singapore Math Models for Addition & Subtraction

This is a video of  the first half of a Parent University at Aspen Academy in Colorado. The video includes a short introduction to Singapore Math Models as well as sample problems for addition and subtraction word problems. Includes solutions for solving a variety of multi-step word problems and some amusing banter from the audience! Enjoy.

Read more about how parents learn about Singapore Math all over the world!

Metric Measurement Model

Simple Long Division Explained

Long division is very hard to teach. Students have to practice the process for a long period to ensure that they will recall at any given time. Introduce long division with the “why” and “how” and you will have better success.

Below are two videos explaining how to teach long division to your student(s). The first video explains 100 divided by 2 and the next is for 125 divided by 5.

The theory and language behind this method is based in Singapore Math instruction, assuming your student can mentally calculate, knows the concept of multiplication and division and uses visual models and language to solve math equations.

Teachers & parents, please comment on your experience with explaining long division! If you want to check homework, visit Long Division Calculator, but don’t tell the kids!

Challenge Comparison Model: Division