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    • AlexJ.
    • December 28th, 2009

    I like the music. I think it makes a great school look even better.

    • Teagan
    • December 28th, 2009

    I liked that you took pictures from recess put music to go along with the pictures.

    • ali
    • December 29th, 2009

    I think that all the pictures are great

    • Elisabeth R.
    • December 29th, 2009

    I enjoyed watching this video. Thanks, Mrs. Barnett!

    • Kasey
    • December 29th, 2009

    that was so nice! Thanks for taking time out to do that!

    • walker
    • December 30th, 2009

    I liked it a lot! We should do more! Thank you LOTS Mrs.Barnet!!!

    • Mrs. Hanak
    • December 30th, 2009

    You are the best Mrs. Barnett!! So talented on the blog and with photography…
    Mrs. Hanak

    • Hunter
    • January 1st, 2010

    I love the video! it is so cool thank you Mrs.BARNET!!!!

  1. it was fun to see everyone in this video that I haven’t seen in two weeks.

    • Ginny
    • January 7th, 2010

    I LOVED that video,and the music.Thank you for puting me on there!i liked it when Sarah ,Callie,Abigal,and me wore our BIG sunglasses!

    • jack
    • January 7th, 2010


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